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Talking to the leader of Tabriz Philharmonic Orchestra, Yashar Shadpour, mayor of Tabriz stated that artistic groups particularly Philharmonic Orchestra can bear the title of Tabriz ambassadors and may be introduced as tourism attractions.

Referring to the importance of Tabriz International Conference Center for accompanying art groups, Iraj Shahin Baher noted: “Tabriz International Conference Center is a significant infrastructure for the art of Tabriz, which has been built under the auspices of Tabriz Municipality to support the artistic communities”.

The Mayor of Tabriz continued that Tabriz Municipality will use its all power to facilitate the activities of distinguished artistic groups.

Appreciating the participation of the mayor of Tabriz in the sixth performance of the orchestra, the leader of Tabriz's Philharmonic Orchestra, Yashar Shadpour, said: "It is the honor of the group that the Mayor of Tabriz attending in the performance supports artistic groups.

"We hope that all provincial and urban senior officials support art and especially local music groups and restore the art of this city to its real position," he said.

It should be notified that the sixth official concert of Tabriz Philharmonic Orchestra came to the scene with the performance of some of the world greatest composers.

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