Tourism attractions

If you have made your mind to have a trip, our website would help a lot, we are trying to detect and introduce tourism attractions of each city. We are going to share information about the place you have no idea about their existence. In addition, we would be with you and introduce the attractive places during your travel.

Mozaffari Complex

This Bazaar starts at the end of the Vakil Bazaar, and ends at the Mirza Raza Kermani Street, the old gate of the mosque, which is part of the Mozaffarieh complex. It is considered to be the easternmost part of Kerman's market without a roof. In this part of the grocery and grocery stores are in the majority. The reason for this is the ease of transportation and access to the surrounding streets, but in the past it has a lot of shops. Mozafarieh market is part of Amir Mohammad Mozaffar's collection. And from the phenomena of this part of the market, one can mention the dormitory, the Qadamga market and the mosque of Kerman. This market is set up in 750 AD (AH) by Amir Mobarzaddin Mohammad Mozaffar.

Vakil Complex

Mohammad Esmaeel Khan Nouri Esfandiari, a deputy of the Vakil al-Molk, governed Kerman from 1275 (AH) and, during his reign, repaired and erected a number of monuments in Kerman, including a lawyer's suite (in the Qajar period). In 1287 (AH), he and his son, Morteza Gholi Khan, were appointed to this collection, which includes the market, bath, caravanserai and mosque.

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