El Goli is a garden in the east of Tabriz city with an artificial but large lake and a historic mansion in the middle of which its construction dating back to 1785 or perhaps even before the date. It was called the Shah Goli, meaning the shah's pool, which changed after the Islamic Revolution to the El Goli, meaning Nation’s lake. In the past, this pool has been the largest water supply for eastern parts of Tabriz. It is a large lake with an area of 5.5 hectares, the main source of which is one of the branches of the Ligvan River. The remarkable point in constructing this lake is that during the dredging and restoration it became clear that the floor of the pool was naturally on the floor and did not cover it with any materials. At the time of AqQoyunlu, this place was created and expanded in the Safavid period. Subsequently, during the Qajar period, one of the sons of Abbas Mirza called GhahremanMirza, when he became ruler of Tabrizcity, decided to repair and build this pool and a building in two floors in the middle and made a path for the passage around the mansion, and in various parts of the mountain facing the route, created waterfalls and waterways; in the street around the pool for beauty, cleanliness and refinement of the weather, it has planted with tulips,Tabrizi trees and petunia. But GhahremanMirza died before finishing the decoration, and since his survivors had interpreted his death as a misfortune, the mansion remained abandoned, and the only thing used to irrigate the fields and gardens of the city during the summer until the Pahlavi era. After the Pahlavi government, the municipality turned this place into a public resort, and the governor of Tabriz decided to renovate the Shah Goli. The largest Sundial in the northwestern part of the country is made up in this park, and in the park you will see beautiful statues of sculptural artists created with a beautiful creativity that shocks any viewer. Cafes and restaurants located outside and inside the park and the area around the park are very good for hiking and enjoying clean air.

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