Iron Age Museum, prehistoric cemetery. Before reaching the blue mosque, and a complex, which is called blue market, maybe because it is located near by the famous blue mosque. It was during the construction of the complexes that the excavating process arrived at a prehistoric graveyard, and it was called the Iron Age. The arrangement of human life in prehistoric times has divided into three types of stone, copper, bronze and iron on the basis of the genus they used. It has been in the age of iron that the technique of advanced furnaces and melting procedures of iron ore found. In signs such as the form of making pottery, the architecture and the method of burial of the dead, and according to the types of its pottery, it has been divided into three periods of Iron Age 1, 2 and 3. And now behind the modern complexes,you are in a place seven meters lower than ground, it's really fantastic, you are now erecting the millennium BC, the size of cemetery is estimated at 3000 meters, the cemetery, with several floors and skeletons which are buried in the form of embryos, along with bowls and pottery, ornaments and metals, which is a proof of their belief in the world after death, after their death, they have prepared the needs of their last life. It's been around for four thousand years now. Of course, there are other reasons, perhaps to satisfy the ghosts and to repel evil or other unknown beliefs. But the burial of the dead is in different directions and sometimes they are opposing each other, and the story is that they were buried toward the sun, as if they buried the dead before noon eastward and if they buried in the afternoon to the westward, perhaps it is a sign tobe on the path to their compassion. Never miss this glorious site. And beside it, you will visit the Azerbaijan Museum of Tabriz, a safe place to hold the relicsof the Blue Mosque and the historical cemetery.

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