Koofteh is a famous in different places of the Middle East, but KooftehTabrizi, as its name implies, is unique to Tabriz, and what distinguishes Tabrizi Koofteh is the its material and method of making Koofteh Tabriz, and there is almost no one traveling to Tabriz without eating KooftehTabrizi.
Sometimes, the size Koofteh Tabrizi that big to fit in a platter. In the past that there was not a meat grinder; it was not as simple to make minced meat as it is now. But today,you can make this meal easier than any time.
Koofteh is often made from minced meat, fragrant vegetables and cottage cheese, onions, barberry, walnuts, eggs and salt and pepper and tomato spices. Koofteh is often shaped like a ball and usually is being served with a special sauce. In the middle of Koofteh, there is a surprise that is right in the middle of it and depending on who the chef is, the content in the middle of the Koofteh differs. Some fill it in the middle with eggs, and others with a mixture of onions, plums and barberry, which in both cases have a delicious flavor. 

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